Sunday Quote, 2013, Week 22, You!

Kinda bored with looking for a quote this week — a little low on the blogging mojo.  Let’s liven this up a bit.   What quote would you put with this photo?  Add yours or a quote from someone else in the comments section!   Looking forward to what you have to add.  Shout out to the one I consider the “winner”.   (Sorry, but in this corner of the blogosphere, that’s all you get!  🙂  Consider it like one of those “awards”, but there are no silly questions to answer or quotas on blogs to tag!  )


4 responses to “Sunday Quote, 2013, Week 22, You!

  1. I told you so!

  2. Here’s a quote from Bill Bradley, which
    I find to be both about basketball and can be applied to other activities as well:
    “When you’ve played basketball for awhile you don’t need to look at the basket when you’re close in like this. You develop a sense of where you are.”

  3. mobius faith

    Photo is a slam dunk!
    Best quote I can find for this is from Emma Bunton,
    “I’m not a big sports fan,
    but I love it when they slam dunk. That’s sexy.”

  4. I wish I could and always admire these people who can always think up the cute and funny captions they put on images but nothing here Anne..sorry. Love the photo though. It looks like the leaves were playing and scored. 😀 *hugs*