Quotidian (WP Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life)

Today — more than most days — was not a day to take pictures.  Sure I was busy.  Who isn’t?   It doesn’t matter what you do, we always try to squeeze more activities into less time.    I don’t usually read the DP Photo Challenge when it is published, so I was surprised to see it early this morning.  But, only a few words into the post I realized it was because it was a day-long assignment.    Oh bother!  I had such a boring day planned.   Who wants to look at my laundry, or my dirty floor, or the umpteenth coffee cup of the day.

I decided that instead of taking good photos of the mundane, I would try to take great pictures of the hidden side of my day.   The lights in the laundry room seemed to pulse:  a rhythm of the day beating “Go. Go. Go.”   The vacuum cleaner needed to be cleaned.  There wasn’t enough coffee.  I waited for a contractor who didn’t show.  I had some banking tasks to attend to.  I found time to dust, but “dust” is a bit euphemistic when you haven’t done it for weeks.   Is it possible to shovel dust?   If I waited a few more weeks I might have been able to experiment.

Along the way I was distracted by the usual bright shiny objects.  One in particular has been sitting in my living room for two weeks:  a topographical map of an area near my home, as surveyed in 1946.  Of course, in the middle of something important — like fixing the beater bar — I had to stop and unroll that map.   How fascinating!

It’s all in the collage below:  the coffee, the duster, the broken vacuum, the laundry soap, and the dust; it was interspersed with computer work and phone calls and oranges for snacks;  and there were flowers to deliver, and others to spy peeking out of the ground, and a new bird’s nest discovered in an  outside light.  And the topo maps?  Oh yes!  the maps!

Everyday Jazz

Everyday Jazz

The laundry is done and the house is quiet.  But that pulse of activity beats on . . . .

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  5. Your effects are wonderful and FUN : )

  6. Oh, Anne, what a delightful post. I love how you use words – not too many but very descriptive.

  7. Distracted by shiny objects? I love it… that is my life. Love your photography… that had to have taken time away from the routine. Of course, when I am playing with photographs and editing time seems to stand still. Great photo collage…. great writing.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting. All of the photos were taken with my phone (big shout out to Camera+; I love that app!), so it didn’t take too much time away from my chores. Then again, I’m usually oblivious to time passing, so maybe it took more than I thought. The collage, however, took most of my evening to do.

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  9. A beautiful composition! Btw love your blog 😉

    • Thank you Sisyphus! Love both your blogs. I see you are going to do the A2Z challenge again this year. I mapped out what I could write about — times 3 — but still haven’t decided if I’m going to do it. Indecisive me!