The Past is Prologue

Ailsa’s Theme this week:  Time.   WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  Future Tense

Time is like a river.  Time flies like an arrow.   Time doesn’t stand still.   Etc. Etc. Etc.  We can only talk about time in metaphors; we can’t quite grasp it and we can never control it.  Tick. Tock.  Like sands through the hourglass….    So what is present is past is future.

Like a broken statue forgotten in a  garden, soon to be forgotten under the green growth,  what is old is new again — and reminds us that we can’t stop time.  Ashes to ashes.   Memento mori:

Forgotten garden:  Memento Mori

Forgotten garden: Memento Mori

The sun doesn’t follow savings time; just ask the sundial, which has told the present time for eons.  Tempus neminem manet:

Forget Savings Time

Forget Savings Time

Flowers bloom and fade.  Bouquets last only a moment, but the seeds fly into the future.  Tempore Taraxacam:

Dandelion Clock:  Past & Future in the Present

Dandelion Clock: Past & Future in the Present

Time may fly by quickly, like an arrow.   But as Groucho Marx reminded us:

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.  

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27 responses to “The Past is Prologue

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  2. I did like these, especially the statue one (statues embedded in undergrowth have a minor walk-on part in my WIP, as it happens…

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  4. Very nice, Anne – These are all lovely photos, but that dandelion shot is just perfect for these themes! 😉

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  6. Liked your take on this theme, and the quotes…

    • Thanks, Sue. I’m glad I didn’t overthink this one too much because once I started thinking about it (after I had selected this photos) I started thinking about how I could make almost any shot fit this theme in some way.

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  8. Love the quote! Very nice shots too 🙂 Well done

  9. Loved the Groucho Marx line.

    • I like the Groucho line too. I said it to a friend’s 12 year old daughter yesterday. She laughed a little — and then she really got it and tried so hard to pretend that she understood all along. Made my day.

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  12. I wish I had a sun dail like that in my garden Anne

    • That’s what I thought when I took this photo in my friend’s garden about a year ago. Later last summer, when I unearthed — or rather de-arbored — a sundial that I knew the previous owner had left, I realized that underneath the overgrown yew was a sundial that, while it did not have the wonderful patina of my friend’s, did have the exact same saying. I’ll have to check it (when we’re not under a winter storm warning) to see if it too only lists hours from 5a – 7 p. 🙂

  13. You and I had the same thought in mind when creating our posts for this challenge. Great minds…think alike. 🙂

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  15. Interesting how you have linked the two challenges.

    • Thanks, Colline. I was thinking of these photos when I read Ailsa’s post early yesterday. It just all seemed to fall into place when the DP posted its weekly challenge.

  16. Remember your death… love that quote.

  17. Enjoyed this – especially that last quote! 😀