Cityscape #1

Cityscape 1

Cityscape 1

I posted this as part of Brenda’s Third Thursday Challenge.  What is the 3rd Thursday Challenge?   To do something different.    This is a bit of a departure for me, although just a small one in terms of process.   I started with a macro image and played with several filters to amend and distort the original image.   It reminded me of a skyline, but of some non-existent, crumbling city.    The original image?   A badly damaged book taped together with Scotch tape.


12 responses to “Cityscape #1

  1. I would certainly have guessed a cityscape of, probably, long abandoned buildings at dusk. Conversely, I would never have imagined that the original was a worn, battered book. Well done!

  2. Awesome! I thought it was the top of a picket fence in bad shape! Now it looks like an abstract painting.

  3. This is awesome how you re-imagined the image from one thing into something entirely different. I like the sense of abstract tempured by something imagined to be known, only to find it is something else. Way cool share on TT.

  4. What you’ve done with this is very creative. I’d never have guessed the subject you started with.

  5. Your altered image looks really cool, and very much like a sky line drawn by someone. That line across the lower edge almost makes me think of a flood line. Very interesting results from your experiment! (Found you through the link on Brenda’s blog.)

  6. Would love to see the original image…thats always fun to see the transformation.

  7. Super cool! At first I thought you painted it!

    • Thanks, Naomi. I haven’t been brave to try painting anything for awhile, but I’ve recently bought some paints so maybe in the future there will be one that I’ll share. For now, I’m having fun creating things with multiple images and distortions in Photoshop. It isn’t painting, but it is art. At least in my opinion.

  8. Oh, Anne – I simply LOVE this! What an amazing transformation – from damaged book into crumbling city. An wonderfully beautiful abstract and so very creative – to see this new image in the old. Very inspiring. Thank you SO much for participating in the Third Thursday Challenge. I hope you will bookmark your future Thursdays and share with us more of your exceptional work.

    • I’m glad I stumbled across your challenge. I didn’t even see the link at first. I’m trying not to commit to too many recurring challenges other than the ones I currently do, but I’ll make a note of it for an occasional participation. One could do a few different ones every day of the week. I love looking at what people submit for these various challenges though.