Sunday Quote, 2013, Week 10, Havel

“Hope is a condition of the soul, not a response to circumstances”

~Vaclav Havel

If trees could talk and we could understand

If trees could talk and we could understand

2 responses to “Sunday Quote, 2013, Week 10, Havel

  1. What a furry tree! What is it?

    • I don’t remember now what kind of tree it is (maybe an oak of some kind?) and I can’t tell in the photo, but it was covered with Spanish Moss (the furry stuff). I’ve never seen a tree so covered with it before. I took this outside of a hotel we stayed at in Tallahassee while driving to visit my son in Pensacola about 6 weeks ago. I’ve seen some Spanish Moss in the Everglades, but in the Florida Panhandle it was everywhere! I would have loved to have passed an old graveyard with trees covered with this stuff. That would have made a delightfully creepy photograph! Mostly what we saw, though, was interstate!