In Like A Lion (Tree Project III)

The snow has been beautiful here, but I’m still eagerly awaiting Spring.   A few snowdrops (the flowers, not the frozen precipitation) have bloomed on the woods’ edge and a few early bird daffodils have shot up and have the beginning of buds.  At least they did before the snowstorm.

Here is another shot in a recurring series of the big oak tree behind my house.   It isn’t the central point in this shot, but I like it all the same as this month’s entry.   You can find the others  entries in the project on this page.

Snowy Woods -- taken w/ iPhone and instagrammed

Snowy Woods — taken w/ iPhone and instagrammed


2 responses to “In Like A Lion (Tree Project III)

  1. We never get much snow, too close to the sea. I have to go inland to the Snowdonia National Park to really see snow


    That is the most beautiful picture – FRAME IT!!! Put it on Etsy or Deviant and sell it!! It’s calming too !