Not what I had planned to do today …

But when you’re walking through a room and notice how lovely a dying flower — the bouquet that should have made it to the trash last night — looks, you have to grab your camera.   And then, of course, there is post processing.

Flower in Window

Flower in Window

Textures: one of my own (based on a blurry shot of the woods taken through the window), and French Kiss’  Purple Prose (once over entire image, removed from flower; once for the frame).

I think this looks like an iris, but it was actually a tulip, about to drop its last petals.  The backlighting gave it an eery purple hue.  Never know where inspiration will come from!


6 responses to “Not what I had planned to do today …

  1. Very pretty and dramatic picture!

  2. So lovely! You are so creative and inspiring. I think much of art in the world was not what the artist planned on doing that day but rather what caught the creative eye!

    • I think you are right, Sharon, but what I had planned to do today was my taxes! 🙂 I did get a start on them, but not nearly as much time spent as I thought I would.


    That is just wonderful! You make me want to be creative again!

    • Thank you, Ms. Curious. We are all creative, but we don’t always have a lot of time to create. I hope you find some space to exercise your creativity when you can.


        I used to be so much more- work eats me alive so WordPress is it- I’ve made many homemade cards and thats what your lovely flower looked like- FRAME IT!! Or have it printed!

        Thanks for following my blog!