Who wants bills anyway?

After being gone for more than 3 weeks, I didn’t want to face the pile of mail:

Bills, Bills, Bills -- and a few pieces of junk mail

Bills, Bills, Bills — and a few pieces of junk mail

I knew there wouldn’t be anything fun in that stack; there never is.   Or is that really the case?   Month of Letters to the rescue!

What is Month of Letters, you ask?   It’s a fun challenge that requires two things:  you write a letter every day in February — every day that there is postal service, that is — and that you reply to everyone who sends you something.   That means it’s only 23 things that you need to post; any reply counts as one of your 23.  It can be a letter, a postcard, a clipping, a thank you note, a birthday card.  You get the idea:  just write  and post!

So that’s what I’m doing.   So far I’ve written a congratulatory letter to someone on his retirement, sent a quick note with a review of a book a friend sent me; sent a photograph and a note to a blogging friend; wrote letters to my congresswoman and both state senators; sent a funny article I found to my cousin after sticking a smartass post-it note on it; wrote a thank you note to my hair stylist; sent a parcel to my son (mostly junk mail that wasn’t forwarded to his new residence); mailed some information a friend requested; and sent my first card to someone I don’t know who agreed to exchange letters with me.  Whew! And it is only February 8th!


My challenge to participants is that if they send me a note telling me (or showing me) about something that they observed today that is beautiful, I’ll send them something “artful”.   I’m being a bit vague about that, because I don’t want to send the same thing to everybody.  I might send a  photograph, a postcard or a magnet with a famous piece of art depicted, a sketch, or a quote.   It just depends.  Hmmmm–maybe even a poem, something with the text of  The Red Wheelbarrow.

Want to receive something from me?  Contact me on Postable before the end of February and I’ll send you something.  It’s a lot more fun than only receiving bills and junk mail 6 days a week.

Since I’ve been having fun with this, I decided that I would also participate in Liberate Your Art 2013 postcard exchange.  It isn’t a month-long committment.  Send 5 postcards that contain a copy of an original work of art and you will get 6 postcards in return.  All artwork must be received before early April.   Go here to get all the details and sign up.

5 responses to “Who wants bills anyway?

  1. Love your stack of mail…but it sure is great fun to receive a wonderful something in the midst of all those yucky bills and junk mail. My local art group does an ‘ENVIE SWAP’. Just a decorated envelope in all it’s glory…front and back…no contents required…the postal workers love us!
    I have also joined the LYA postcard Swap…

  2. I received your lovely note and photo in the mail on Saturday 🙂 There is something currently making its way to you!

  3. lensandpensbysally

    Thanks for the information about the Postcard Swap–what a fun project.