Texture Tuesday: Pop Goes the Color!

Linking up again with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday link party.  Today’s theme was any photo with a pop of color.   On this grey winter day, I immediately thought of flowers.   I took this photograph last month while in Florida.  While the photo is striking on its own without any texture, I couldn’t resist using it for this week’s Texture Tuesday submission. Not with that POP of gorgeous yellow!

Lyrical Orchid

Lyrical Orchid

My post-processing “recipe”:

Did slight adjustment to color balance in ACR.  Brought into Elements; cropped photo  and did a few adjustments to “shine” a little more light on the bloom.   Added two of Kim’s textures with blending mode of Soft Light — Awaken and PlasterSquared2.   Masked the center of the flower to remove those textures.   I added two textures to create  the frame — PlasterSquared2 and Sunkissed.  Placed these behind the photograph so that only the parts “framing” the original image were visible.   Merged all layers and then added Kim’s texture Sonnet_2 over the entire image.  I copied the textured layer, changed   blending mode to Multiply and then removed the portion of the texture over the image.  I thought I was done, but I wasn’t satisfied with the yellow color, so I brought the image into Snapseed and using a control point over the center of the bloom, I increased the saturation.

What I like about this image:

I like the close crop on the flower.   Close-ups of flowers always reveal something intriguing.   Since I cropped the original image closely, I introduced a little bit of noise in enlarging the image.  The textures added, though, minimize this distraction.   I also like that “Awaken” has a few musical notes in the corners of the texture.  This blends well with “Sonnet” and together the effect was my inspiration for my title:  Lyrical Orchid.

14 responses to “Texture Tuesday: Pop Goes the Color!

  1. Really lovely work. The flower is gorgeous and I love how you’ve used the textures – especially sonnet. I find the scripted ones tricky to use sometimes but you’ve done a fabulous job.

  2. Beautiful photo and use of texture! Love the script too!

  3. This is really quite lovely! (Visiting from Texture Tuesdays)

  4. It is lyrical and love the subtle pop of colour and your framing.

  5. This is lovely. Thanks for sharing the details of how you did this. I am making my way through PSE by trial and error so it is helpful to see how others create.

    • Stephanie, I am just learning too! I’ve been writing down my recipes as much for me as anything. What you don’t see are all of the mis-steps and start overs! I really liked how this turned out but I printed it to make a card for a friend and didn’t like it at all — way too dark.

  6. Lovely orchid and edit. 🙂

  7. Beautiful effect, Anne. Well done. 🙂