Shadowy! (Travel Theme)

It’s been a few days since any groundhogs around my neck of the woods would have poked their heads out of their burrows.  If they ventured up on their eponymous day — if they were silly enough to wake from their hibernation to venture into the snowy cold for an unlikely adventure like predicting the weather — they surely would have regretted leaving their warms nests.   After all, how many beings are likely to return to a nice snuggly nap and actually be able to catch some more zzz’s after waking and wandering out into the cold?   No groundhog would have liked to have had to stay awake in this weather for any length of time.

Last year, the groundhogs must have been frightened by their shadows:  it was only about 6 weeks before we had warm weather — 80 degrees F warm!  There were no shadows this year, but I suspect that we may have several more weeks of dreary grey days and bitter cold.   But, Mr. Groundhog,  if you are correct with your predictions based on NOT seeing your shadow, can you parlay that success into making sure that we don’t have any more snow this year?   I’ll deal with the cold as long as you get rid of the snow and ice.

Meanwhile, I’m dreaming of warmer temperatures and starting to plan my garden.  For Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week, I pulled a shadowy shot from my archives.   The leaf shadows on this trunk made this old tree even more interesting.

Shadows and Light along the trail

Shadows and Light along the trail

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6 responses to “Shadowy! (Travel Theme)

  1. I’m starting to plan my garden too even though it won’t be until the end of April that I can actually plant anything in the ground. Never too early to start planning though!

  2. No groundhogs here! Thanks for the ping back

  3. I too am dreaming of spring! Skimming through seed catalogues lately!

  4. awesome shadow capture!

  5. Looks like a giant bear paw. . . but it if had been a giant bear that tree woulda come down! ;o)

  6. lensandpensbysally

    Today two other photographers and I are launching an iPhoneogrpahy Monday Challenge. Please join us. See details on post at