Looking Up

I laughed when I read Ailsa’s travel theme for this week:  UP.   I love taking pictures of structures while looking upward.    And, of course, I had a photo — one that I’ve taken within the last week — that was perfect for this week’s challenge:

From the bottom up:  Sanibel Lighthouse

From the bottom up: Sanibel Lighthouse

Sure, I could have taken it from a more typical perspective, one that clearly shows you the structure.  What I like about the photograph below is the deep blue sky and the puffy white clouds.

As one might think one should photograph it

As one might think one should photograph it

But,  after having seen the light from this lighthouse for years across the water, I finally paid the high toll ($6 to cross a bridge???) to drive out there, only to find the lighthouse a bit ho-hum. A little like the water tanks that dot the Midwest. I was expecting something a bit more picturesque, maybe like the lighthouses one sees in a lot of advertisements for Sanibel Island, which are surely images more reminiscent of the Outer Banks.  So, why not have some fun taking some different shots?

The trip wasn’t worthless, though. It was a beautiful day for a drive. It would have been even better if I had checked the schedule for Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge before driving out there on the only day of the week it was closed.  At least I no longer will wonder what the lighthouse looks like.

Historical Marker:  Sanibel Island Lighthouse

Historical Marker: Sanibel Island Lighthouse

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6 responses to “Looking Up

  1. Glad you satisfied your curiosity. Funny, my first thought when I opened this post was water tower… then I read your notes on the lighthouse and saw you thought of that, too! Great imaes! 😉

  2. Thanks for the pingback! I love sanibel!!!!

  3. that is an amazing structure Anne and your perspective makes it even better

  4. Things for the ping back!. I like your different take on the lighthouse too.

  5. amazing Up photos! Thanks for the pingback

  6. I love taking “up” pictures too 🙂