Travel Theme: Festive

I almost didn’t get this one in this week.   Ever since Ailsa posted her theme for the week last Friday, I’ve tried to come up with something “festive”.   It isn’t that I haven’t taken any seasonal photos during the last month.  I have.  Some of them I really liked.  Some I have already shared on this blog.

The problem was that I felt that I had already taken and posted all of the “festive” shots that had caught my eye and everything new seemed like a retread of what I had already done.  Could it be that I was burned out by the holiday season?

I don’t really get tired of it, though the days after Christmas do offer a welcome slowing of pace.  I’m the type of person who marketers hate:  I’m pretty immune to the advertisements and displays.  They’ve been up since October?   Are you sure that they were ever taken down?  I couldn’t tell you because last Saturday was the first time in a year that I’ve been inside the mall, so for all I know, those giant varnished plastic ornaments that try so hard to look like glass on the 30 foot tree never went into storage.

I could have walked by them in June and not noticed.  Just like the train that was in the mall.   Yes — a train!   Decked out in holiday designs for the little kids to ride around the concourse.   As I walked down the main aisle, I wondered why I kept hearing a whistle blow.   I continued on my merry way and then the whistle was REALLY loud.  I think that bored mall employee-conductor might have run me down had I not realized that it was directly behind me and stepped aside before the cowcatcher on the train nipped at my heels.   Several of the parents sneered as they proceeded on at an increased clip.  Really?  In the mall?   Huh.  Who would have thought?  Not me.

But getting back to festive.   We’ve had lots of family festivities for the last few days.  With my siblings and their children.  With my mother’s husband’s family (do you call them step-siblings when your parents remarry in their 80’s?).   With my husband’s son and his SO, and my husband’s grandson.  With my son.   Yes, there have been lots of festivities, followed by a much-hyped but minor punch “blizzard”.  Things started to seem more like normal today and I had a few quiet minutes to get out my camera and play with my new Lensbaby lens.   I have a lot of experimenting to do before I get some really neat images, but for starters, I got one or two that were okay.

And this one seemed festive to me:


Not a holiday ornament, but festive all the same!

Festive can mean merry or joyous.   This glass ball that catches the light and creates distorted images of the woods makes me happy.  And that means festive to me.

Want to join the fun?   Jump over to Ailsa’s blog, Where’s My Backpack and leave a link to your interpretation of festive.   There’s a new theme every Friday.

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4 responses to “Travel Theme: Festive

  1. Festive photo, indeed! I didn’t see the refection until you mentioned it….Great photo!
    Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year!

  2. That bauble looks very Christmasy to me! I’ve just downloaded the 210 page annual to my new camera…. Experimental photos here I come! Yours is excellent 🙂

    • That bauble hangs in my dining room window year-round. Guess that is why I don’t think of it as being a Christmas decoration. Have fun with your new camera.