A Christmas Story

If you’ve never read Paul Auster’s Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story, or seen the movie Smoke, you should take a few minutes and do that today. It’s a Christmas story without Christmas trees or Santa Clauses or silly pop songs, but it’s all about giving.

You can listen to Auster read his story here.

You should definitely watch the movie Smoke too. Not only is it a wonderful film with outstanding performances by Harvey Keitel, William Hurt and Forrest Whitaker (and music by the extraordinary Tom Waits), it is all about love, loss, grief, dreams, writing, passion, forgiveness and kindness. It’s perfect for Christmas without saccharine.

An excerpt from the ending — the Christmas Story part.

My favorite scene in the movie: “You got to slow down.: http://youtu.be/JGV_h36uZ5E

2 responses to “A Christmas Story

  1. One of my favorite films. A great story.

  2. Smoke is one of my favorite movies too! Merry belated Xmas to you!