Being spammed …. from 2009

I don’t usually pay too much attention to the spam that I get.   I hit delete all in the spam folder and move on.   But, every once in a while, I will read what appears in the dashboard preview.   Usually they are pretty funny — poorly written (or translated), often non-sensical.

For the last week, the items I’ve received — several a day — have been well-written blurbs.    For the ZUNE.  Microsoft released the last version of the Zune in 2009, and discontinued the hardware in 2010.   Is this spam from the past?    🙂

Alas! like the meat-like product it is named after, I guess spam can last forever, echoing across the internets for a long, long time.

There is little chance that I would have ever bought a ZUNE, even less now.    The Zune-spam can end any time.  My amusement with it has a much shorter shelf life.

Hope all of you out there on the other side of the interwebs are having a great time celebrating the (yawn!) non-apocolypse and the return of longer days.

4 responses to “Being spammed …. from 2009

  1. Sometimes the spam folder contains actual comments form other bloggers so it isn’t fail proof. I always check. I delete the obvious ones and un-spam the comments from fellow bloggers.

  2. Beats me why people create spam. It is just like weeds in the garden – a pest to be eradicated. Probably only good for occasional amusement as you say. Thank goodness for the spam filter on WordPress.

  3. I opened spam once…it was a huge Trojan mistake!!