The Mayans Didn’t Have Time Zones

The Mayans didn’t have time zones, so when precisely did they predict things would cease?    They also didn’t predict their own demise.  But, what if…….

End of the World.  Begin again.

End of the World.  Re-open Tomorrow.


3 responses to “The Mayans Didn’t Have Time Zones

  1. Great artwork. I laughed out loud at the notion that the world would end in time-zones and imagining waves of people from the east rushing westward to escape their inevitable end. Would make a great story.

    • As someone who has lived most of her life in a state that fought for years over Daylight Savings time, I chuckle at the idea of time zones. Besides, friends and family have always told me that I live in SAT — Standard Anne Time.

      One of the things that I think I should change in this artwork is that the sign “Closed for HEAT” also included wording about chocolate melting. I took it on a 100+ degree day last August. I should have made sure that part of the sign wasn’t cropped out, because it would be apocalyptical to many if there was no chocolate!

  2. Great photo and comment. Thank you, Anne. Sending blessings for a peaceful and joy-filled Christmastime.