One more tree and fog post

Here is yet another shot that I took the day before Thanksgiving.  It was a foggy morning, and while I had lots to do to get ready for my extended family’s holiday, it was more fun to walk in the woods and get muddy taking photographs of the fog rolling along the creek, and then burning off as the sun rose.

Sunlight Clearing the Fog

Sunlight Clearing the Fog

I’ve taken lots of photographs in the past year along this same stretch of the greenway path.   Here is a photograph I took last January at the same spot.   You can’t tell from these photographs, but several large branches have fallen off the tree in the foreground during the past year.   Although the light is different, I’m guessing that these were taken at about the same time of the day, with the sun burning off more of the fog in the January shot.

Today started bathed in golden light cutting through the fog

The day started bathed in golden light cutting through the fog


9 responses to “One more tree and fog post

  1. Two lovely shots, Anne, both showing a different mood. Very nice 🙂

  2. Isn’t it interesting how big the difference is between the 2 shots due to the time of year. Both are beautiful but the first is so much softer and moodier. Nice work!

    • Yes! When I took the shot, I thought that it would be much more like the earlier one. Partly the difference is because of the fog bank being much thicker last week, but still a big difference between the angles of the sun.


    There can NEVER be enough tree and fog posts!

  4. Love those photo’s! Keep it up!