Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Reflection.   In the challenge post, Jared Bramlett wrote about reflections in water, windows and mirrors.  He posted a photograph of a bridge with a mirror used in the composition.

Reading the post gave me an idea:   I’ve had a large mirror — about 3 feet by 5 feet — currently set in a spare bedroom while we work on some remodeling and redecorating elsewhere.  My original idea was to use the mirror to get a shot of the outside through the windows, similar to the photos that I posted about a month ago of the outside reflecting on a glass shower door.   The light wasn’t right — either with natural sunlight or with a flash to get the reflections I wanted.  When I had time to do this, it wasn’t the right time of day.  But, I liked this shot.  It reminds me a little bit about the artistic joke of the artist painting a picture of a landscape artist painting a picture of the landscape artist painting the landscape . . . into eternity.  Except, in this case, the “artist” was not in the picture.   Not sure whether I should title this “Camera: Self-Portrait” or “In the mind’s eye”.

Camera:  Self-Portrait/In the Mind's Eye

Camera: Self-Portrait/In the Mind’s Eye

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