Travel Theme: Liquid

Here is another shot taken on Wednesday in the fog at Woollen Gardens.   I had been shooting the creek and opposite bank from different angles.   I was facing west, aiming at a small pile of logs and rocks in the middle of the creek.  When the creek is low, you could wade to it, but when the water is high, it runs quickly.   Suddenly I couldn’t see much of anything.   I had missed the thickening cloud bank, quickly approaching  from the east.  I stepped back about 10 feet from where I had been standing on the canoe launch to shoot this.

Concrete & Fog

Within a few minutes the fog cleared and the water and ravine on the other side were visible once more.  But, for a short time, the creek disappeared into the grey mist, the canoe launch looking like an abandoned form stretching into nothingness.

This is my entry for Ailsa’s Travel Theme, Liquid.   I like this photo more for the liquid that you don’t see, than what is visible in the photograph.  Below are some of the other participants’ interpretations.  Check out the comments on Where’s My Backpack for links to all of them.

6 responses to “Travel Theme: Liquid

  1. This is a very artful image. Amazing!!!!!! One of my all-time faves of yours.

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  6. Fog is liquid’s crafty cousin! Thanks for the pingback.