Trees, Windy Afternoon

I seem to be a bit obsessed with bare tree limbs recently.


3 responses to “Trees, Windy Afternoon

  1. Autumn and Winter are the best times to photograph trees. Nice.

    • I’m particularly interested in these trees, which are tulip trees. Sometimes in the spring I’ll find intact blossoms on the driveway. Never realized that they came from the tulip trees because the branches are so high up — well over 100 feet. Once in a while, I’ll find a frozen flower-like piece fallen from the tree in the winter. Not really sure if it is the remains of one year’s blooms or the beginning of the next. Usually they start blooming after the rest of the trees have leafed out so the flowers aren’t very noticeable in the woods. Maybe 2013 will be the year that I pay closer attention to these trees and capture some shots of the blossoms on the trees rather than on the ground.

  2. a friend of mine once mentioned that a tree’s character becomes visible when all the leaves are shed in winter