Travel Theme: Bright

This week, Ailsa’s Travel Theme is BRIGHT.   As soon as I read the theme, I thought of a near-perfect day I spent on Perdido Key in early September.  The sky was clear except for a few high cirrus clouds.  The water glistened in the sunlight.   Visibility was good; you could see for what seemed like miles as you stood on the beach and looked at the endless expanse of green-blue water stretch below the deep blue sky until the two met and then curved below the end of the earth.   The sun was bright.  The sky was bright.   The sand was bright.   My heart was light.

Gulf Islands National Seashore, Perdido Key: A bright day

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  5. Looks like you enjoyed a very bright and wonderful day. Thanks for taking us there with this beautiful photo.


  6. Lovely memories, Anne. Love the photo. 🙂