The Tree: Still There

Last March, I posted photos of a fallen silver maple tree in a boggy area.  I had foolishly crawled out on the tree to photograph the brilliant red buds.

Later in the summer, at the height of the drought, I walked back into this area and discovered that all of the water was gone.   I could see just how deep the water had been in the Spring.  The tree still had leaves on it, despite the lack of rainfall.   I took these photos with my phone.

Earlier this week I once again walked along the trail the passes this place.   I was surprised to find that the water has returned to the depths of the Spring.  Even more surprising was that there were still leaves on this tree.   This old tree does not want to go gently into that good night.  There is still a lot of dirt surrounding the roots, but I suspect that this is her final season of life.

The last hurrah

2 responses to “The Tree: Still There

  1. I remember. You’re right, the last hurrah.