Winter is coming

I used to think that the appearance of robins was one of the first signs of Spring.  In recent years, though, it seems like there is quite a large flock of robins who do not migrate.  Sometimes in the winter, as they sit lonely on snow-covered limbs, I can’t help but wonder if they are thinking:  “It would be so much nicer down south.  Whose bright idea was it to stay?”

Much about this picture is wrong — wrong exposure, wrong contrast, wrong framing — but I like it anyway.   In part, I like it because it was a mistake that had some redeeming qualities.  But I also like it because so often in the winter this is what a look out my house windows looks like:  a lonely robin seated on barren limbs on a blustery grey winter day.   The only thing unusual about this is that it isn’t November yet!

Readying for winter

5 responses to “Winter is coming

  1. Do these robins survive the winter? I hope people feed them.

    • Yes, they make it through the winter. Lots of feeders, but they apparently find other food too. We’ve had mild winters the last few years, but I am still amazed that they overwinter here.

  2. I like the coppery colour of the leaves and the robin’s front! Very artistic!

    • Thanks, Madoqua. I liked that too, even though the photo was over-exposed. I hadn’t been planning to take the shot yet, but accidentally hit the shutter. It ended up looking much better than the next shot taken with the correct aperture/shutter speed.