Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

 I have found landscapes in Morocco exactly as they are described in Delacroix’s paintings.  ~   Henri Matisse

This week’s WP Photo Challenge was Foreign.   I’ve been fortunate to travel to several countries.  Technically, they are all foreign to me, but Tangier, Morocco, seemed to play the part the best:  sights, smells, sounds, people, textures, light — all of them reminded us that we weren’t in America — or Europe — any more.

Walking through the market place, we felt like our photographs would need Smell-o-Vision to capture it all:  the barbers trimming men’s beardS, the women with large baskets full of colorful and aromatic spices for sale, weavers working intricate designs on their looms, the cat who stole a fish from a bin and the fishmonger who chased him a few steps scolding the thief.  We were on a guided tour and were warned to stay close to our guide.  After awhile, it became clear that this was not for our safety, but a measure of trade protection.  Only those known to the guide were allowed to hawk their wares.

At every corner we were accosted by an entrepreneur trying to sell us some sort of trinket — and unwilling to take a ‘NO’.  There were people ready to take your picture, snake charmers — with snakes!  As soon as the dark clouds rolled in, vendors were at your side with umbrellas.   Having an umbrella in your possession did not stop the sales pitches:  But, madame, this umbrella is so much better!

At lunch, while feasting on a tangy Moroccan stew and sipping lush mint tea,  my husband leaned towards me to whisper: These aren’t the droids we’re looking for! He was exactly right: everything was as foreign as the travelers in the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine.

Without the scents and not fairly representing the beautiful Moroccan light, here are a few photographs from that brief trip.

A street in the old town

Colorful steps

Would you like my umbrella? I can make you a deal. I have sunscreen, too!


18 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

  1. Beautiful colors in the middle photo!

    I’ve been to several Moroccan restaurants, but never to Morocco, always one of the top places on my list of future trips!

    • I wasn’t that excited to go when my husband suggested it & I didn’t like the ferry crossing across the Straits of Gibraltar, but I am so glad that I went. I would definitely go back if I had the chance. It was amazing just how different it was from southern Spain, just a few miles away across the water.

  2. Very nice series of shots. Fit’s the theme perfectly.

  3. They’re beautiful shots of Morocco, I always love to see new places, especially colourful places!! 😀

  4. These are fabulous shots and for a moment, I was transported there. 😉

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  6. I so agree with you about the unique smells. The Tagine is sooo tasty, and the aroma is just wonderful. 🙂

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  8. The photo of the coloured steps is my favourite. Interesting how you remember the smells and the light so vividly. They were obviously an impressive part of the experience.

    • We laugh about that trip frequently. It was only a day trip while we were vacationing on the Costa del Sol, but so worth it. I didn’t understand the people who did not like the trip. After all, why bother to travel if you expect everything to be familiar.

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  10. Someone I knew once talked of inventing a ‘scratch and sniff’ website. About as likely as your scented photos, but both would be so nice.

    • Yes it would! Funny how we can have such vivid recollections of scents, but the inability to recreate them! As much as I try to make authentic Moroccan food, it will not smell like what I had for lunch that day and I can’t even imagine where I’d find a spice market with such quantities of spices in the open air.