Lovebirds (Travel Theme: Couples)

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is Couples.

I don’t shoot people often, and for those that I have, I don’t feel right about posting here without permission.   But, if we allow for a bit of anthropomorphizing, we can find more than just one or two shots of couples in my collections of photographs.  Seems like I might have a thing for lovebirds:

Canadian Geese at Sunrise

Canadian Geese mate for life. Often these birds are annoying, taking over every bit of green space near water that they can find. There was a flock of 23 birds that I would see while walking last summer. I can’t blame the old widowed bird for being quite squawky. I think that even her flockmates grew tired of the lonely bird at times.

Laughing Gulls — A Quiet Moment

I have no idea if these two are an item or not, but they seemed quite content to be alone together near the surf, one standing sentry as the other napped.

Pelicans In Flight

On shore, pelicans are peculiar looking, their large gullets and beaks so disproportionate to the rest of their bodies, one wonders how they manage to waddle down the beach. But, once in the air, they are a beautiful site to behold, soaring and diving, often in unison.

Ospreys, Nearby, Together, Not Sharing

Ospreys are magnificent birds. Their bright yellow eyes can look a bit creepy; their muscular legs can look terrifying. I wouldn’t want to be a small rodent caught in their sites. I came across this female in her nest last winter. She was making a loud, angry, scolding noise. It took me a moment to find her mate, who didn’t seem to be in a sharing mood. I can’t say that I blame that bird for not being happy her mate was not sharing nesting duties — or his feast!

Love birds

Oh, I have a picture of a couple to share after all: octogenarian newlyweds, holding hands.

8 responses to “Lovebirds (Travel Theme: Couples)

  1. Great photos nicely woven together in the theme.

  2. Whenever my husband and I consistently saw two hawks circling together, similar to the ospreys, we always joked that that must have been close enough to make babies. Just sitting two phone poles apart was plenty of togetherness for the hawks.


  3. I shoot people from time to time but so far I’ve never been arrested. Wordplay aside, that’s a lovely silhouette of Canadian geese at sunset.

  4. I love your bird couples very much, but those octogenarian newlyweds, holding hands is amazing. That is so special to see love in those hands. Thank you for sharing your couples 😉

    • Thank you Dana. I took that photo for a class & was criticized a lot by the instructor. I would do different things with it compositionally now (which i suppose was his point), but I’ve always liked this. That’s my Mom, btw.

  5. Great job and thanks for the info! My favorite is the pelicans! Beautiful awkward things that they are!