Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

This week’s WP Photo Challenge is Silhouette.

A few months ago I did a post on Silhouettes (here), but after I posted that, I tried to create a few new silhouettes.   This is the best from that second bunch of shots:

Floral Silhouette

I like how the view outside the window is green and alive and fresh.  There are even raindrops on the windowpane.  This view is juxtaposed with the inside view in the foreground:  a dying bouquet of flowers, some of the petals having fallen on the backlit table.  It isn’t just the difference between the light and the dark sections of the photo; it is the difference between what is living and what is dying.

Shooting silhouettes is more difficult than I realized before I tried this setup.  Under-exposing one part of the photograph is an easy mistake, but intentionally exposing — or under-exposing — a portion so that its shape is defined by what you expose correctly is not a simple accidental occurrence.   I think that technically this photograph leaves lots of room for improvement, but I like the idea I had for the composition.   Maybe next time when it is light outside after a summer evening rainstorm and I have a wilting bunch of flowers in a vase on the table. . . .

12 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

  1. Wonderful shot. 😉

  2. I love this shot Anne…it tells a story

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  6. Nicely done Anne. I love the frame around the photo. It adds so much to the whole composition. 🙂

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  10. The juxtaposition is great! I was going to write in a comment exactly what you said in the post, but I suppose it’s lucky I read the post, and hence managed (only just) to avoid that dreadful faux pas!

  11. Hi Anne. This is stunningly beautiful! Amazing.

    • Thank you, Karen! I didn’t like this photo much when I took it back in August, but in searching through my archives this afternoon, I fell in love with the composition. Today was a rainy afternoon. The trees outside the window are a glorious golden yellow, but I had no flowers, wilted or otherwise, to place in a vase to recreate this shot with a fall background.