Two Colors, Two views

Taking photographs of leaves this morning, I was struck by one pile, isolated from most of the other leaves on the drive, that was nearly monotone in color, with the exception of one bright orange-red leaf. I’m still stumbling through learning the basics in Photoshop, but I like the idea of transforming photographs into images that look like they’ve been painted or drawn. I haven’t been satisfied with my results yet though, as many of the finished images do not look how I envision them being.

Here are two edited versions of the same photograph, one with only the yellow-brown leaves blurred; the other with several PS “artistic” filters applied to give the image the look of having been created with watercolors and colored pencils.  In both images, I intentionally blurred the surrounding leaves so that the orange-red leaf stood out not only by its color but also by its size, shape and texture.

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaves

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaves “Drawing”

I think I prefer the photograph rather than the “painted” image.   What about you — which is your favorite?



2 responses to “Two Colors, Two views

  1. Vote for the photo! Beautiful tribute to the season.

  2. Wonderful Colors. Thank you for sharing 😉