A Visitor

Not to the blog — to my yard!   I know that the deer are in the woods in the summer, but they are rarely seen.   Once the leaves start falling, their presence is more apparent.  Although I only saw this one, she seemed to be looking into the brush for her companions.  I took a few shots out the window.   I went to the door to step onto the patio for a closer shot, but as soon as she espied me, she tore off frantically over the top of the hill.


4 responses to “A Visitor

  1. she is absolutely beautiful

  2. She looks as if she is wearing a face mask! What a lovely sighting – your photos are great, especially considering your flighty subject.

    • She does! The light was kinda wonky with the sun dodging in & out behind clouds. I’m surprised that I got the few shots that I did. I wish I could get them to come closer to the house, but they usually stay just far enough away.