Travel Theme: Foliage

This week’s Ailsa’s Theme is Foliage.

At first I thought that it is a little too early in my part of the world to capture the autumnal colors. A few leaves have started to fall, but not many have shown color. The predictions are — because of the drought — that this will not be a pretty Fall season.

As I left around noon today, however, I saw that some leaves, here and there, have started to turn. In my front yard, there is a snag — a large limb that has fallen and is being propped up by nearby tree branches — that has started to turn. It is so entwined with vine that it is difficult to tell what is tree and what is the piggy-backing vine. The berries stand out on the green-turning-to-red leaves. I’m not sure whether they are tree or weed, but they certainly are brilliant. I’m surprised that a flock of birds has not descended upon them for a nice mid-day snack.

As I was looking for foliage to shoot, I took several shots of fallen brown leaves. This time of year, the textures of the leaves is as intriguing to me as the color. I think that I might have an October foliage project that is all about the texture of leaves and the locale where they fall.

Last year, my fall project was more arranged than natural, though I still think that it showed the beautiful variety of colors in the leaves around me. You can see that series of photos here: You Never Know What You Might Find.


3 responses to “Travel Theme: Foliage

  1. I love how the blue highlights the warmer colors!