I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop Elements, using the “artistic” filters.

Using the rough pastel and color pencil filters:

Original Photograph:

Pensacola Lighthouse on board NAS Pensacola, established 1859. I took this photo from the beach below the lighthouse which sits on a high bluff, somewhat safe (so far) from tropical storm and hurricane surges. Although you can make reservations to climb to the top of the lighthouse to see the Blue Angels practice, I think the beach would be a great alternative place to watch the jets flying out over Pensacola Bay.


2 responses to “Lighthouse

  1. I love and collect lighthouses. I have a small replica of this one. Nice photo.


    • I don’t remember being so close to a lighthouse before. When I was there, it was before the museum and lighthouse opened. Maybe I’ll be back there some day. You should check out their facebook page. From their facebook page, I learned of some other lighthouses in that area of the Gulf that, sadly, were damaged by the recent hurricane.