So Cool Must Wear Shades!

Love the “mask” on this little guy — and the purple spot on his chin that matches the color of the flower he finds so tasty.

Flora and fauna

I think this is a skipper, maybe a Dorantes Longtail.  If anyone can make a positive identification, I’d be interested in knowing what this pretty creature is.


4 responses to “So Cool Must Wear Shades!

  1. Gorgeous detail! I wonder if his chin is a sort of mirror?

    • I wondered that too. I think maybe he had pollen from the plant on him, which gave the purple appearance, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t some sort of reflection/iridescence as well.

  2. Anne, I loved it. No seriously I do!! Mind sharing the camera you used to click the masked guy?

    Many hugs xoxo