This is a test. Documenting issues with WP blog.

This post is to document the issues I’m having for the support forum on WordPress. Regular readers can ignore this — you can keep reading, but you may only be interested in reading/commenting if  you have a solution.   I’ve posted last week about this issue on the support forum and it was not responded too.    The initial response today included the statement:  “This IS a forum”.    What the heck does that mean?    I didn’t take it as being very helpful in answering my bellyaching that I’ve received no response from the previous comment.   I will note that I have spent far longer than a user should have to searching the forum.   I’ve found other comments on this same issue, but no helpful replies — just a lot of frustration.  Generally, I’m happy with WordPress but am irritated by these two latest bugs.  Having managed previously a team of programmers responsible for fixing bugs reported by customers in commercial software, I do have an understanding of how these types of things are resolved.  I also know that the support forum is monitored by volunteers — it isn’t a job I would volunteer for, so I give them credit for undertaking it!   

When I am on my own blog, the banner across the top disappears.   If I try to respond to a  comment, I have to log in again.

It looks like this:

If I click on any link on my blog to go to another page, or go directly to another page, WP still recognizes that I am logged in.  I have not logged in again.  It looks like this:

Voila!  The banner is back and I can get to my own dashboard without having to log in again or type the URL.

When I try to preview, I get a page that looks like this:

This time it reads:  “Apologies”, but sometimes it is “OOPS!”.   Their oops, not mine!   I have reset Safari browser.  Sometimes it takes care of the banner problem, sometimes it doesn’t.  It doesn’t resolve the preview function issue.

Please WordPress, tell me how to resolve this issue or, if it is on your end, please fix it.   No point in a “Preview” button, if you can’t preview!    BTW, I have made no changes in my browser or laptop at all — except to clear the cache as recommended by general Support FAQs yesterday — for about 1 month.  Problem have been occurring daily for about 10 days.


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    • Yes it is. I was getting sone help from a WP support person this evening, but a few minutes ago, a “volunteer” told me to follow another post that was “almost the same”. Then the person with the problem said that they forgot their user password. THIS IS NOT ANYWHERE CLOSE TO MY PROBLEM!!! My frustration continues, not only because of the issues, which I am sure can be corrected, but by a so-called “volunteer” who has now redirected me. I hope this doesnt mean that I have to start all over again! Ver, very disappointed with the lack of an effective means to contact support.

  1. also have to log in repeatedly – thought I am the only one

  2. Also have to log in repeatedly – thought I am the only one.

  3. Testing…. Yep — I need to log in to comment on my own blog even though I AM logged in.