Runner’s Sunset

Open Road: Runner/Sunset

Taken on Pensacola Beach on Fort Pickens Road, currently closed to traffic due to Hurricane Isaac.  I liked the setup for this shot — a nice bit of serendipity.  I had to laugh when the runner passed me and said that he hoped he didn’t mess up my shot.  Not the best though, color-wise.  May attempt again once I get home (and have a mouse!) to do some post-process editing.

2 responses to “Runner’s Sunset

  1. This could be the book cover to so many titles! On the Road comes to mind first. 🙂

    • My son made a similar comment when I took the shot. Not sure that I could sell this photo though; it doesn’t lend itself to enlarging. Not even sure that it would print well in a small size. Too bad — maybe it could have been my first photograph sale had it been better quality.