Weekly Photo Challenge: Near & Far

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Near and Far. I didn’t necessarily intend to mimic the seashore landscape in the challenge post, but I am at the shore for a few days, so it seemed a likely subject. I’ve taken several shots over the last few days, not all at the shoreline, playing with this idea. Not sure that any of them are quite what I expected to produce for this challenge, but here you go!

Sea oats and barrier along inlet, Pensacola Bay. Naval Air Station, Pensacola. P’cola Florida. Taken not long after sunrise this morning.

4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near & Far

  1. LOvely all the same

  2. That reminds me of certain salt marshes on the Essex coast – they’re bleaker, perhaps, and full of wild bees. Must visit Florida again.

    • Although they are letting this area “return to nature” — as the signs say — it is still pretty well groomed. I was in other areas today, off of the military base, that were salt marshes in their natural state. Absolutely beautiful. And some were rather bleak given the hurricane here two weeks ago. Large piles of sands that reminded me of plowed snow. Haven’t decided if I like this part of Florida better than where I usually vacation (about 9 hours south by car). Will post picture in coming days as time and internet connectivity allow.