Travel Theme: Red

Where’s My Backpack’s theme for this week is RED.  While Ailsa focused on a recent trip to southern Utah, where there are red landscapes, I selected a few of my favorite nature shots from throughout the year.

Red Bird in Winter

Spring Blooms in Red

Summer-like Red Flower

Red Leaves in Autumn


10 responses to “Travel Theme: Red

  1. Beautiful nature photos in red! The cardinal is a stunning shot!

  2. Oh, Anne, these are all just exquisite – such perfect images and deep, rich reds!

  3. gorgeous images…I love the cardinel

  4. These are all fabulous. But the Red Bird in Winter is stunning! Perfect shots for the theme.

  5. Now that’/s red! Magnificent, resplendent nature 🙂

  6. I too love the cardinal and the red leaves in autumn. That photo would look amazing enlarged and framed.

  7. Stunning red photos.


  8. That first image is simply awesome! 🙂

  9. Beautiful reds. I love the cardinal.

  10. Beautiful. I miss cardinals. We don’t have them in Seattle.