Anyone else having problems with WordPress?

Preview is working sporadically.   Parts of top banner (W logo in upper left, my notifications, userID, etc in upper right) are not displaying on my own blog, but are on others blogs.  I am logged in but I have to log in each time I try to reply to a comment — even if I don’t leave the post I am on.   Anybody else having this problem?  I have made no changes to my theme, my settings, or to my browser (Safari), so I am doubting that I somehow changed something to cause this behavior — at least it wasn’t intentional!   Thanks for your help if you know the solution.  


6 responses to “Anyone else having problems with WordPress?

  1. I use Chrome and I’ve had some delays, trouble getting blogs to open, etc… but I thought it was the new PC cleaner I installed – it “cleaned up” some add-ins for me that I miss, and will be restoring… maybe it’s not al the updates I did!

  2. Yup. It’s WordPress. The logging in every time I want to post a comment is getting old, although it’s been better for me the last few days.

  3. Anne, I also have been having the same problems for about two weeks. Sometimes I can’t open other’s post or comment. The problems are many and they come and go. I am not computer savy and was planning to take my laptop in to the geek squad to check out. Hope you find answers. I’m taking mine in next week.


    • I think the problem is with WordPress. I tried to reply to this directly from my blog. Couldn’t do it unless I logged in. Went to another wordpress blog. Banner said I was logged in. NOtifications appeared. I could see this comment and reply to it — with no need to log in. I can’t speak to all the problems that you are having, but i would say that this is not one related to your laptop, but is an issue with some sort of change to WP. To me, it looks like it is an incompatibility issue (maybe with browser) or they updated their code and broke something.

      • They didn’t accept my Internet Explorer Browser and I changed to Google Chrome. I think you are right it is a WP problem and I am hoping they will fix it. Thanks