Around the Bend (Travel Theme: Curves)

A few weeks ago, Ailsa’s travel theme focused on leading lines.  Briefly, I thought about  posting curves instead of lines but I resisted my rebellious thoughts and played along, although my photos weren’t what one might traditionally think of as “leading lines”.    I have a second chance, though, to post the shots I had in mind since this week’s travel theme is Curves!

Two views, two curves, one train: this was not on a loop track.   I was standing on a pedestrian overpass as the train came around a S-shaped curve.   I like both these pictures because the train leads in — or out — of the frame.  In the first, it snakes its way into view; the viewer hears the train long before it can be seen.  Where was it before?  Where is it going?   In the second shot, it chugs slowly, but expectantly, away.  Don’t you want to wave goodbye?  Expectations and imaginations accompany these shots.

Only rarely have I taken a shot of train tracks disappearing into the horizon line that I kept.   Throw me a curve, though, and I’ll shoot it anytime!

The journey in

The journey out


5 responses to “Around the Bend (Travel Theme: Curves)

  1. Makes me want to get my model train layout going again! Great photos and I love the story and ideas.

    • Looking at these again yesterday, I thought they looked like model trains too! Must be the perspective from the bridge and trying to shoot them through a tall fence.

  2. I just love train photos… something about the tracks and their lines and curves. You’ve done these beautifully!