Not My Usual Subject

I stepped into the spare bedroom this evening with my camera, intending to take some shots of the interesting patterns revealed by the removal of wallpaper today.

Instead, my artistic mind took a turn to the creepy. As in creepy-crawly.

Don’t worry! It’s not a brown recluse!

Some people make their yards into Nature Sanctuaries.  I think my house is a Spider Sanctuary.   If this guy is still clinging to the wall in the morning, he is going to learn a lesson that Garden Spiders should be out in the garden.


7 responses to “Not My Usual Subject

  1. Interesting picture. I’m not sure I would have wanted to get that close to him.

    • I thought that I might have a better shot with a macro lens, but I didn’t want to get that close to him too, at least until I identified whether a bite would be a nuisance. As far as I can tell, this type is harmless.

  2. mobius faith

    I’m sure the little guy will find a new hiding place. Fun image and story.

    • He had scampered off to somewhere, not to be seen by this morning. We’re not doing anything too extensive, but enough to disturb the 8-legged things. Holes in the wall cavities are now closed, so they likely are once again happy critters. Or, they’ve come inside looking for water — and will be washed away in the cellar or outside this weekend when the deluge from Hurricane Isaac hits us.