Travel Theme: Silhouettes

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is Silhouettes.  Her post is filled with gorgeous shots taken one wonderful summer evening at Lincoln Center.  Silhouettes are not something that I often shoot — at least not intentionally.  Those unintentionally lit photos usually make it to the digital dustpan quickly.

Sometimes, however, there are a few of those unintended shots that manage to remain in my archives.   I culled through several photos from my beach vacation last winter and had selected a nice collection of shots.  Some of them were ones that I had eliminated for Ailsa’s last challenge, Sunsets (my entry here; others’ here).

Then, I remembered the following shots:  perfect for this challenge.  Not only are they silhouettes, but they also are ones that I wanted to be shot in this manner.  I had been trying to get people out of the frame for a week when I realized that sometimes people in the frame can make all the difference, transforming a photograph from a landscape to an action shot.  Sure there are always people on the beach who stand outside for a few minutes each evening watching the sun glide down below the horizon line — some, like me, with their cameras and tripods at the ready — but there are others who make a shoreline sundown a backdrop for more active end-of-daylight activities.

All of these shots were taken within a 2-minute period, January, 2012, Fort Myers Beach, Florida.  As you can see from the buoy in the water, all walked this same short stretch of beach.   It was a delightful and unseasonably warm evening, perfect for walking, running, or biking along the beach — or just watching the parade pass by.

Sundown Shadows

Friends, walking

Dad and Baby, Running

Family, Biking

Lady with a Dog,  Walking

Man with Dogs, Running

Couple, Pedaling

9 responses to “Travel Theme: Silhouettes

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  2. Great set of photographs.
    I love the consistency and variations.
    It really tells a story.

  3. I like the palette of beach colors and the way the appear in the photos.

    • Thanks, C&C. I probably should have posted the last photo first. Interesting how the colors changed so quickly after the sun set. I didn’t check the EXIF data, but I’m guessing that I didn’t make too many, if any, adjustments to the camera settings.

  4. These are lovely images!

  5. Really nice series of shots.