Travel Theme: Signs

A few years ago I was driving along the coast of Northern Wales when I saw the most amazing sign.   Abundant along the road where nothing else was, were signs with a stern warning:  Beware Badgers!   My camera, alas, was unreachable in the trunk with the rest of my luggage, and there was no place along the road to pullover to retrieve it in order to take a shot.   Now, whenever I travel, I try to take photos of interesting or unusual signs, hoping to approach in greatness the absurdity of the Beware Badgers.

Here are a few recent favorite photographs from my travels, near (mostly) and far, like this one along the greenway trail I walk regularly.   I suppose it serves as a warning for those who do not pay attention to what is overhead until they are about 7 feet away while riding a double-decker bicycle or walking on stilts.

Sometimes signs are notable for their construction, rather than the message, like this unusual bike-and-lawn-chair post.  It’s been in the same parking lot location in Fort Myers Beach for at least three years.  In other circumstances, I don’t think that the cable tie would be much of a security device, but the seat doesn’t look to be very comfortable.   The Blue Crabs, however, are delicious I hear.

Sometimes, signs don’t need any words to convey their message.   This sign is visible long before the firework-selling gas station comes into view as you cross the Alabama state line.  There isn’t anything advertising what makes the Tennessean fireworks so desirable, but it must be a big selling point for an interstate visit to Firecracker Bob.

And sometimes, rather than a billboard, there is signage.  Sometimes mobile signs can be in situations that might seem a bit contradictory.  This tree does not look like it is being saved for anything except for mulch!

This is part of Ailsa’s Travel Theme.  This week’s theme:  signs.   See others contributions here.

4 responses to “Travel Theme: Signs

  1. really like the composition in number 2

  2. That last one is tragically funny, how do they define ‘save’? I’m trying to imagine the Beware Badgers sign now 🙂

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  4. I can see the irony in the last photo. 🙂