Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong


Early Morning: Tree, Rising

Or Right?

Early Morning: Sun, Rising

Remember when you were a kid and you would play on the swing?   Sometimes, everything looked different — yet better — when you were hanging upside down.   Sometimes, a slight change in perception can make all the difference.   It may be “wrong”, but I like this photo of the sunrise over a pond upside down.

Did you notice the white streak in the sky?  It’s a contrail.  That was the most difficult thing to shoot since in the original image it is reflected in the water.

And, because why not play some more?  Here is a detail from the same image that I like, with a little post-process editing  of the color and saturation:

Detail: Who is to say Right or Wrong?

This is my contribution to this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.  This week’s challenge:  share a photo that means wrong.  You can find links to other contributors’ works in the comments here.  Why don’t you play along too?

17 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

  1. Anne, I was fascinated and delighted to see your post! What a coincidence that we both have upside down reflective images in the past month. Your photo of the pond ‘downside up and upside up’ are both exquisite!

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  3. This is wonderful – love it! 🙂

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  5. This is so clever! : )

  6. Thank goodness for the duck to give reference to the right way up! Creative processing.

    • That’s funny that you would see it that way, because I had too look several times to see whether I could tell that duck was upside down! Thanks for stopping by & commenting.

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  8. Beautiful pictures. Excellent interpretation of this week’s theme.

  9. mobius faith

    Naturally I like the “wrong” image best. I’m fascinated with what happens when images of reflections are flipped upside down. They take on a surreal and fantastic quality.

    • I really like reflections, whether it’s a window, a mirror, or water. And I especially like them when you can’t figure out which side is UP. I took some photos last year of reflections in a glass mirrored building of the building that I was in, particularly the car park on the ground level. The results looked like cars were in the air, and people were walking under the buildings. I should find them and post sometime.