A lucky shot?

Did you see the photograph of the full moon aligned with the Olympic rings on Tower Bridge? (link below). The teaser for this article, on the main page of yahoo has the title “Photo Almost Too Good to be True”.

Not for a good photographer, I say!

It irks me when someone says that something is a “lucky shot” or comments about how you must have great camera equipment. This simply isn’t true. Sure, there are times when one happens to be in the right place at the right time — and with the right lens — but if you’re not bringing any skill to the shot, you likely won’t have a breathtaking photograph.

Without knowledge, skill, and a photographic eye, many people wouldn’t have “seen” this photo-op as they looked towards Tower Bridge. Without knowing how to take into account the light from the moon and the ambient light, many photos of this occurrence would not be exposed properly. And, while I have no idea about whether the photographer, Luke MacGregor, planned this shot, I would not be surprised to learn that he figured out when the moon would be rising and determined in advance the best place to photograph it. If he just happened to be walking by and was prepared to shoot, luck was on his side, but it isn’t a lucky “too good to be true” shot.

Moon between Olympic rings makes for breathtaking London photographs (GALLERY) | Fourth-Place Medal – Yahoo! Sports.

2 responses to “A lucky shot?

  1. I’m glad you posted the link, those photos are amazing. You and I and anyone who has more than a passing interest in photography know that it’s way more skill than luck. But Yahoo’s consistently sensationalist headlines aren’t really meant for our kind of crowd!

    • You are so right! It’s not too often that I find something and immediately blog about it. I’m just not that reactive on this blog — which is a good thing! But, today, that struck the wrong nerve with me. The photos are amazing — I love when things (not just the heavens) align and I’m glad that I found the photos, despite the sensationalistic headline.