Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

I enjoy gardens but I am not a gardener. When I saw that this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge was Growth, I immediately thought that I should look for one of my many photographs of flowers, or maybe some of the early Spring shots I have shot of emerging buds. Growth to me is most noticeable in the natural world even though that is where we can so easily overlook it.

Last year a friend of mine began posting updates on Facebook of her ready to open  Night-blooming Cereus. Only blooming for one night, the beautiful flower is not to be missed. My friend, a confirmed early-to-bed person, stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to see the bloom. I was awed by the photographs she took. Several months later she said that she had a few cuttings from the plant. It was very cold and I knew that I wouldn’t have time to plant it. Don’t worry, she said. It can keep in water for months! I took the plant start home and placed it on a shelf — and then forgot about it for weeks.

Water evaporates and while the roots were still wet, a lot of water was gone. I filled up the jar and hoped that I hadn’t killed it. It seemed to hang on for a few weeks, and then it started to turn brown. In a few days I assumed it was dead.  But I was hopeful, not so much because I wanted the plant, but because I felt that I had let me friend down, ignoring her gift until it was too late to plant.

About a week ago, my friend’s Night-Blooming Cereus was blooming again and she posted some photos of the gorgeous flower. I saw her the next day and decided that I had to ‘fess up to killing the start that she had given me.

Are the roots still wet? she asked.

Yes, I replied, but the leaves are dried and brown. I’m pretty certain that it is dead.

Get a small pot and plant it. It might be okay and you have nothing to lose.

I looked at the plant a few days later. The leaves are still brown, but there is a new shoot on the stem and another bit of green near the base of the plant. Growth. I think this thing wants to live. I will plant it tomorrow.

Be sure to visit the links of others participating in this week’s challenge. There are some amazing photographers who participate in this weekly challenge.

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

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  4. great pic for the challenge

  5. i think it wants to live, too. it gets my vote 🙂
    all the best with your new gardening adventure!

  6. Sign of life!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  7. Love the shot with that lone green sprout! Great post! Ah, the tenacity of nature!