I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it

Shakespeare wrote:  I wasted time and now doth time waste me.  Although I spent much time this evening following various links from the World Shakespeare Festival, I don’t think that I wasted my time.  Like Celia, in As You Like It, I willingly wanted to waste my time in that location.

Here are a few links I found interesting this evening:

The British Museum currently has the exhibit Shakespeare: Staging the World. Along with the BBC, they are sponsoring Shakespeare’s Restless World, a podcast examining 20 objects from Shakespeare’s time as a way of looking at Elizabethan England and how the actors and the theatre-goers would have viewed Shakespeare’s plays.

MyShakespeare a site for considering what Shakespeare means in our world today. The site includes some commissioned work for the project, like this piece  by Will Power, performing  Caliban’s speech from The Tempest.  The beauty and lyricism of Shakespeare’s words re-interpreted for today’s ear.

Another commissioned work is the tumblr Nicely Turned by artist Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa.   I found it difficult to not laugh when looking at this site, a collection of allusions to Shakespearian plays and characters. It’s a lot of fun to see how common sayings and clichés from Shakespeare appear in our world.

And then there is the amazing, wonderful Chicken Shop Shakespeare. Take a few minutes to watch a few of their videos. All are under two minutes. I want more Chicken, please!

myShakespeare also has a way that the public can contribute their own interpretations. See details on the site.

I eventually meandered to the Royal Shakespeare Company’s site and found these two videos featuring Jonjo O’Neill, who I saw perform in As You Like It and Romeo & Juliet in New York last year (Best.Mercutio.Ever).  O’Neill is currently playing the title role in Richard III.   How I wish I could go to Stratford to see this before it closes!

I may not be able to go to England this year, but I am glad that through the magic of the interwebs I can still enjoy bits and pieces of London2012 and the World Shakespeare Festival.


2 responses to “I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it

  1. mobius faith

    I don’t believe there is such a thing as “waste of time”. It’s always been a puzzling phrase that suggest suggests that these things are not worth experiencing if we spend any time doing them. If to spend time on something we enjoy is a waste then what purpose is there in living? The only waste of time that happens is when we die. My 2 cents worth.

    I love the links and will enjoy spending time following them. 🙂

    • I agree. I think about all of the Saturday and summer mornings of my youth when I was greeted by one of my parents with “Get out of bed. You’re wasting the day!”. I never thought I was, but wondered if that exhortation is what created a few workaholics. 🙂 Took me a long time to realize that recreation is NOT a waste of time — nor is sleeping in on those occasional times that I choose to do so. Those things that give us pleasure in life are definitely the Forest of Arden where Celia was okay with spending her time.