I found this wonderful bit of architecture — made completely  with “found” materials — on my walk yesterday. I think some children have had fun playing by the creek this summer. I expected to find the other side of the board painted with “KEEP OUT!”. I was a bit disappointed that it was blank.

No Trespassing Allowed!

2 responses to “Fort

  1. I figured it was a couple of kids, having fun building a fort. There are other places where I walk where it would be more likely that it was a homeless person, but I don’t think so in this local. Finding the apples would be unusual. There was another place along the creek where someone took small fallen trees and branches and outlined the path to the creek. Sort of made me feel like someone had found one of my favorite hiding spot.

  2. I love finding these type of places. For me they always have a sense of primitive mystery. So many questions. A sense of intrusion as if you were walking into someone’s space while they were gone. Great photo. I found a place like this one with a paper bag of green apples. It was scary, exciting and wonderful all at the same.