True to its name?

Check out the name of this plane and then look at the reflection of the sky and clouds on the nose.  It’s not a good shot, but it made me smile.


Funny that I didn’t think about the reflection, as I was struggling to get some good shots of the pilot (my nephew) seated in the cockpit without capturing my reflection in his sunglasses.  And a sure sign that I don’t usually photograph people:  I didn’t realize until I downloaded the shots that I didn’t take any of him without his sunglasses on.  Not good for a posed portrait, so likely back to the airfield again for a few more shots.   But, he’s a good sport about it as his mom wants the photos.  My favs were the most candid shots because that’s who he is, but those are probably a bit goofier than what his mother had in mind.  Professional photographers certainly earn my respect — and they deserve every dime they charge.


2 responses to “True to its name?

  1. Let others do the portraits. This one’s fantastic. You ought to enter it into a contest or something.