Shots imagined; shots lost

When one has lost her photog mojo — when nothing seems interesting to shoot, when one might feel that there is no reason to worry about recharging the battery this very minute — a sure-fire way to regain it is to take a trip through town without the camera.

I could have taken an interesting shot of the clouds as we drove along the interstate.

The expressions of the people walking down the street as they were approached by the woman begging would have provided plenty of street photog opportunities. The begging woman yelled spitefully at each person who refused her cash. Their expressions changed from ill-at-ease, to pity, to fear and scorn.

The bikers riding too quickly, ignoring the traffic signs, along the pedestrian pathway: caught in the act but for want of a DSLR.

Spotted: A sign “For executives only” in front of the welfare office. All of the spots were vacant. Would it be better during business hours? If all of the vehicles were new and shiny?

There could be a great shot of an interesting pattern on brick, formed by water dripping from an air conditioning unit, with bright flowers hanging from a balcony across the alley in the background — if only the best setup location wasn’t from the highway off ramp. The dark variegated greys of the stain against the painted white brick could make the shot look like it was black & white, until the viewer spotted a bit of color hanging over the iron railing.

The same location issue would impact the perfect shot of the rusting piece of industrial blight rising from a rooftop, perfectly aligned to blot out a portion of a church steeple as the sun starts to rest on its pinnacle. Could I be there tomorrow at precisely the same time — without causing a traffic hazard?

What about the “Need Tickets” guy standing next to (and seeming to ignore) the “Have Tickets” guy?  Could have been a great shot of the pair.

Tomorrow, will that pink piece of paper still be hanging from a tree branch like a large paper flower, just above the wild purple weeds?

Will I find a raft attached to the rope attached to the sturdy tree that  I found along the creek bank? Or maybe I’ll find the adventurous kids who have made this their summer fun while the creek is so low that you can walk across it and its slow meander seems to pose no danger?

Want to get your mojo back? Just leave your camera behind. Just try to shut off the photographer’s eye. I dare you. Bet you can’t do it.


3 responses to “Shots imagined; shots lost

  1. mobius faith

    Your descriptions paint the images quite well. I think you should stand on the street with your camera and a sign that reads “Photographer needs subjects”. 🙂 That might be a fun social experiment.

  2. That’s a nice thought-experiment on the theme of appreciation. When we want for a camera we want one all the more.

    Steve Schwartzman

  3. Happens to me all the time – camera or not! I just always seem to miss those fleeting moments …