We need rain!

Last year, I was visiting my cousin in NYC during the month of August. Late, one sweltering night, I spent a long time in Penn Station waiting for the train.

I waiting so long and it was so hot, I said when I returned to her apartment, that there were a couple of enterprising rats who came out onto the platform, under an umbrella, and set up a stand to sell bottle water.

Those rats, had they decided to defect to the pastoral midwest, would be regretting their choices right about now, finding today’s 105 not much better than the NYC subways. (That’s 41C for the rest of the world.)

We have had a week of temps around 100. The NWS website shows a picture of a thermometer reading 108 on Jun 28th, but the caption says that the “official” temperature was only 104. There was only 0.09″ of rain in June; the monthly June average is > 4″. The only month in Indianapolis that has been drier was in March, 1910! Even the Weather Service’s website is starting to have headlines comparing the conditions to the Dust Bowl era of the ’30s. We need rain.

The houseplants, for the first time, are resenting their summer digs on the shady front porch:

Some of the leaves are starting to brown:

But at least the potted plants get water or they’d look like this:

Even the ground cover, which I’ve tried — unsuccessfully — to kill several times over the last dozen years looks like it is giving up the ghost:

The local weatherman said that you should give each tree a 5-gallon bucket of water once a week. I’d have a lot of work to do — and an unthinkable water bill — if I did that!

I want it to rain. A good, long, soaking rain that lasts for a few days.

At least, I’ve heard some say, it’s a dry heat. Whatever that means!

7 responses to “We need rain!

  1. By the end of the week..we will no longer be able to get our boat off the boat lift…and then how
    do we get it out of the lake….it’s too shallow for it to come out the boat ramp that it normally does..this is not good…right now I am watching the weather radar, and I’m am almost mad at the
    states to the south of us….they’re getting storms…we’ve got..as usual…nothing.

  2. Yeah, we need rain too. I’m getting used to seeing brown lawns.
    However, I wonder about what you mean by a few days in light of the maxim “Be careful what you wish for”. 3 or 4 days would be perfect in my estimation. but 40 days and 40 nights would be too much. 😉

    • A few would definitely be more like 3 – 4 than 40. 3 may even be too much. Too much too soon and the ground and sewers won’t be able to handle it! But, when it does rain, there will be this giant sucking sound as the ground sucks up that water!

  3. Anne, on behalf of England, I would love to offer you a few of our current torrential downpours. We don’t know what to do with them! I hope they make it to you soon. 🙂

    • Oh, I’ve heard that its non-stop. Husband was watching the F1 race qualifications at Silverstone yesterday and it looked miserable. I wish that the prevailing winds went the other direction and could bring that rain to us.

  4. We came home from vacation and found our grass struggling to survive. We did get rain tho for the last few days….thank goodness. Hope rain finds you soon!

    • We had storms about a week ago. Lots of wind, lots of downed power lines, but only a little rain in isolated areas. I’m amazed at the people in the neighborhood who are still trying to water the grass (despite requests from the city not to do it because of low water levels). It seems a losing battle until the drought lifts.