Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Movement.  I’ve passed the Benton and White County (IN) wind farms several times traveling to Chicago.  They are certainly different from the traditional farms of Northern Indiana.  There is an eeriness to the giant turbines,  whether you are following a huge trailer trucking the pieces to their destination, passing them in daylight on Interstate 65, or seeing them as they appear on the horizon from a country road as daylight breaks.   At night or in fog, they look  almost alien, the red lights on the tips of the blades slowly arcing across the sky.   During the day, their slow, deliberate motions remind me of a mesmerizing ballet.

I’ve never had the opportunity to stop to photograph these.  This shot was taken from a car window.   I tried to capture the eeriness and the movement by adding the blur and the sepia tone, but it wasn’t as successful an outcome as I had hoped.  Maybe some day soon I’ll venture back up north to photograph these, from some backwoods lane before a farmer shoos me off his land.

Slowly tumbling towards the horizon in a careful choreograph

This is my submission for the Weekly Photo Challenge.   Take a few minutes to see what others have submitted by following the links in the comments here.

26 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

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  3. Fascinated by the semonolithic wind turbines … great interpretation of this week’s challenge.

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  5. You captured the movement perfectly. Anne.

  6. This is a strikiing image!

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  9. We have a lot of these turbines in our province, and they are really quite magnificent, aren’t they!

    • I think they are magnificent to look at. Not sure where I stand (need more info to make up my mind) on the ecological impact. There are some negatives to them.

  10. Great choice! One can really sense the slow movement in this picture..


  12. Very nice entry, Anne.

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  14. What an ingenious photograph. Certainly can see movement and imagine them moving around. Great capture.

    • Thanks, Kate. I think the brown tone adds to the effect. Much more than the original. Also, I shot these on a really sunny day so the photo was a bit washed out.

  15. mobius faith

    Another totally cool image.

    • Thanks, Terry. Are there any of these in your area?

      • mobius faith

        There are a few scattered about but nothing in large numbers.

        • Supposedly, when it is completely on line, one of the farms in N. Indiana will be among the largest in the world. Don’t know if that is still true, but it was part of the spin when it was being built a few years ago. You see these for about 30 – 40 miles on the I-65, between Lafayette and Gary (just S of Chicago). I’m not sure any of the energy produced is used here, and it isn’t particularly windy — just lots of flat open space.

  16. Wow nice picture!