Periwinkle, Three Views

Original shot, straight out of the camera:


Processed using

Auto adjustment on exposure & color. Used “boost” to lighten slightly.

Processed using SnapSeed & Picmonkey:

Cropped. Saturation changed. Used auto, brighten and darken settings with Tune Image tool. Sharpening Tool. Center Focal tool. Grunge Adjustment used to add Textures 1 & 3 in multiple passes, Frames. Taken into Picmonkey to add my signature line.

Processed using

Cropped. Saturation changed, Sharpened. Used ‘Burst” and ‘Boost’ multiple times to achieve light & dark areas at levels wanted. Highlight tool used to add more color to background on righthand side.

While it’s easy to get carried away and over-process images, I find it lots of fun to work with altering images to produce differently styled outcomes.

11 responses to “Periwinkle, Three Views

  1. last two quite artistic but the second one with the improved contrast and highlighting is my personal favourite

  2. Anne, these are some of my favorite photos of yours. Really well done.

  3. I’m perhaps too conservative, but I like the first one best. But I can totally relate to the fun of experimenting with all the options!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Smithereens. I’d be interested to know what you like about the first image as compared to the second image which is most similar to the original. I have my opinions as to what I like about each one — and what I might do differently if I was editing it again — but am curious as to yours. Those two are definitely the more “realistic” ones, with the others being altered for artistic effect, which I see as an either/or situation whether one likes or not.

      • I do feel that you lightened the second one too much: I prefer the greyish to the almost white background at the top of the picture. The overall effect of the first is more blue, the second one more purple (I exaggerate a bit, the difference is not that obvious). Because the tone is darker in the first, there’s more contrast between the left-side mass of petals who are rather indistinct and the top-right lonely one. In the second one, this lonely petal becomes almost transparent compared to the background. Do I even make sense? I hope you get it.

        • Yes, that makes sense! That one petal was what I was most unhappy about. And it seems so much more faded once in WordPress. If I were to edit this some more, I would definitely need to make that petal not fade into the background as it does now. I like the background from the 1st, and the flowers (excluding that one petal) from the second.

  4. That is awesome! I just said to myself today I wish I knew of a website or something where I could try to process my pics that I take on my phone (phone cameras aren’t the best!) Thanks this was very helpful. Have any suggestions on how I should go about buying a D-SLR camera? Choosing the right one that will fit my needs? Thoughts would be appreciated!

    • Picmonkey is free & web-based. Snapseed is a minimal cost ($20). Both are easy to use & great for beginners. Snapseed’s advantage is that it will deal with raw files. I think that Picmonkey has more effects that you can use, although many of them relate to scrapbooking and are not ones that I would generally use.

      As for a DSLR, it’s really a matter of personal preference and budget. I would recommend going to a reputable local camera store and taking advantage of the expertise of the people who work there. They can help you consider what you want to use your camera for and what within your price range is best fit.