Old Photos

Did I just fall into a time suck! I came across photos from 2000 – 2005. These were found on an old laptop of mine by a former colleague about a year ago. He sent them to me at that time on a CD and I briefly looked at them, copied to me laptop & threw the CD into the bottomless pit of photos & photo media in a closet. Looking for something else, I found the copied folders in my Downloads directory this evening and started browsing through them. Here I am, about 5 hours later, finally through all 14 folders, amused by how quickly my son and his cousins have grown up and amazed at how young all the adults in the family looked 10 years ago.

From a time when I actually had more than 2 or 3 scraggly tulips bloom in my yard. Objects in the background are much smaller than they appear.

Two smart guys — my son & Sir Isaac Newton. I don’t think my little boy — now an engineer — knew anything about calculus at the time this was taken, but he sure knew Newton. I remember that this statue was the only thing that he seemed to enjoy during this trip to the British Library.

For years, this was one of my favorite pictures. Taken on the London Eye, Summer, 2001.

Photos from a time when cell phones didn’t have cameras and my digital camera (A Kodak DC215 Zoom Millennium 2000 edition) — a bonus gift for working on the Y2K project — was really cool at only 1 MP and an 8MB compact flash card. Pictures I take today are larger than that CF!

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  1. it is like a treasure hunt